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The Discipleship Hour is a radio ministry specializing in broadcasting overseas. It is in

third world countries that 95% of the world's population lives - mostly without the hope

that comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is ironic that by contrast, 97% of evangelical dollars are spent in America where only 5% of the world's population resides.


The Discipleship Hour is attempting to reach the people outside the borders of the United States. About half of the world's population has never heard the wonderful name, Lord Jesus. Many are drifting aimlessly through life, without hope. Radio broadcasting remains the best medium to reach those searching for answers to life's questions. These are the ones whose heart is wide open to the gospel message and whose thirst for the word of God is immense.


The Discipleship Hour can be heard in the Caribbean and Central America through Trans World Radio in Bonaire and also their satellite system that covers the islands. Our broadcast is heard twice a week in Brazil in the Portuguese language through the facilities of H.C.J.B. in Quito Ecuador. We broadcast in English to the South Pacific through H.C.J.B. and Trans World Radio in Guam. We are heard in the Philippines on radio station DZAR. Our broadcast is beamed into China through Trans World Radio in english and also a Chinese dialect. We can be heard 3 times a week in english thru all of India through the facilities of F.E.B.A. We also broadcast in an Indian dialect through Trans World Radio transmitters in Europe. H.C.J.B. airs our Russian broadcast through their satellite system consisting of 30 local FM and AM stations scattered throughout the old Soviet Union. We are heard in English in the Middle East through the Voice of Hope radio station in Lebanon. In Africa we are aired through two Trans World Radio facilities. Their 500 KW transmitter in Johannesburg and their satellite system in Swaziland that services a number of local AM and FM stations in South Africa! Also the Discipleship Hour is heard in English twice a week in East Africa through the facilities of Radio Africa.


Our ministry is based upon the fundamental view that the Bible is inerrant and God-breathed and that salvation and growth can only come through the preaching and teaching of the Word. We are one of the few radio ministries that teach the Bible on a verse by verse expository, going through the entire New Testament and a great portion of the Old. Our goal is to make God's word clear to the lost and to teach God's people sound doctrine in order that they may grow.


The Radio Ministry

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